A: At TSG we pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each client, including working closely with individuals and business to make economic choices in their best interest. To this end, TSG is open to working with clients in a variety of ways, including as consultants or on retainer, as well as in a full, hands-on role.
A: Ohh! There are so many reasons: Unlike some other large event companies, TSG understands that your event is not just another job. Michael and Dean know that being entrusted with your family's memories or your business's reputation is a great responsibility. They personally oversee every aspect of design and production.
A: Though TSG has received international acclaim for its large-scale events, it is by no means all that we do. We are always eager to draw upon our wealth of experience to help you create unforgettable intimate occasions.
A: With a history of success abroad, and relationships to vendors and performers around the world, TSG is uniquely qualified to design and produce events that incorporate decor, cuisine, entertainment, and ceremonial aspects of other cultures.
A: Our legendary creativity and extraordinary attention to detail allow us to produce press-worthy events - both traditional and avant guard - that wow the target audience for your product. Pairing unusual locations with unexpected elements, TSG stages events that are appropriately remarkable, outrageous, or hilarious and will have people talking about your product in person and through social media.
A: Certainly! Years of success in Israel have provided TSG with the expertise to produce kosher events of any size.
A: TSG will conduct a study of your building, the population it serves, and comparable properties in the same market before presenting you with a cost/benefit analysis of any amenity we propose implementing.
A: At TSG we know that our clients' needs are as diverse as our clients. The list of services, though extensive, is not exhaustive and we will do our very best to accommodate special requests and work with you to meet your needs.
A: Absolutely! At TSG your needs are our top priority. We will work with you directly as well as in partnership or through other companies whose expertise can compliment ours.